You Could Make a Religion Out of This!

*Warning for eyestrain

Who is Bill Wurtz?

Bill Wurtz is a YouTuber/musician who makes fun, weird, historical, and visually interesting videos and songs! You can find his personal website here and his YouTube channel here!

What is Billwurtzcore?

Billwurtzcore is an aesthetic based on Bill Wurtz' work! It is not based on him as a person, but his imagery and sound! It encompases his and similar music, his art style, his chaotic energy, his casual recounting of history, and his perfectly imperfect videos! It is like a mixture of weirdcore, webcore, and MS Paint art Here is an example of a nine-square billwurtzcore moodboard featuring historical buildings and photos from his videos!

Billwurtzcore in Action!

Although the exact origin of billwurtzcore is unknown, there is a lot of evidence to suggest the term was coined on Tumblr during or before 2020 under the names billwurtzcore, bill wurtz core, and bill wurtzcore! All three of these tags on Tumblr have sparse amounts of posts but most of them date back to April 2020! There are also a few more recent posts tagged with billwurtzcore on instagram!

This is a link to a billwurtzcore playlist on Spotify!

(This is a billwurtzcore moodboard by Tumblr user billwurtzcore. It features weirdcore stockphotos, nature, and neon signs!)

Disclaimer: This website is in no way affiliated with Bill Wurtz the person/artist and is entirely fan-made. Billwurtzcore is not to be monetized.

Mr. Wurtz, if you're reading this, you're so very talented! Please keep up the amazing work.